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Our miniatures are 1” = 1’ scale(1:12 or 10mm = 120mm)Exceptions noted in product Descriptions
1/2" & 1/4" Scale items segregated within Categories.



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Dollhouse accessories, miniature alchohol bottles, milk, juice, soda, produce, breads, canned goods, baking powder, desserts, cleaning & laundry, paper products

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Alcoholic Beverages
Dollhouse accessories, whisky bottles, wine bottles, bottle sets, beer cans, beer bottles, spilled wine, margaritas, vodka, miniature gin. rum. champaign. etc.

Bakery Boxes
Dollhouse miniature accessories. bakery boxes, donut boxes, etc.

Baking - Cooking & Condiments
Dollhouse miniature foods, condiments, buckets of eggs, cutting boards w/ cheese, cooking oil, brownies, chocolate cookins, baking set, flour, and more

Dollhouse miniature French bread, slices of bread, Bread & Cheese board, Loaf of Rye Bread, baskets with bread, croissants, white bread, biscuits, rolls

Canned / Box Foods & Food Sacks
Miniature foods, country store groceries, tomato sauce cans, cereal, food box sets, fig newtons, jars of foods, canned goods, vegetable products, and more

Canning Jars
Dollhouse accessories, canning jars, filled, beets, peaches, blueberry jam, pear halfs, corn, canning sets, etc.

Dollhouse miniature foods, cookies, pies, cake, tortes, brownies - your mouth will water!

Meats - Fish - Poultry
Dollhouse miniature foods, meat, chicken on pot, meat grinders, fried chicken, turkey, cornish game hens, roast beef, prime rib, and much more

Milk - Juice, Soda - Water & Ice
Dollhouse accessories, Bages of ice, cola bottles, pop cans, tea, soft drink, 7-Up, spilled milk, orange juice, and much more

Paper Products
Dollhouse accessories, kitchen wrap, aluminum foil, paper towels, toilet tissue, tissue boxes, etc.

Prepared Foods
Dollhouse miniature foods, filled seving dishes, bowl of oatmeal, deviled eggs, hot dog & fries, hambergers, shrimp coctail, shrimp plates, salads, and much, much more.

Miniature food, asparagus, avacodos, oranges, carrots, bananas, apples, apple barrel, cauliflower, peppers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, pease; the list goes on

Snacks & Candy
Dollhouse miniature foods, candy jars, donuts, lollipops, candy tins, cotton candy, popcorn, pretzels, candy apples, mints, etc.

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