ASPHALT SHINGLES, BLACK SQUARE - Self-Adhesive - Indoor/Outdoor

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NEW! Indoor/Outdoor. Specially made to withstand the elements. Perfect for outdoor use; birdhouses, mailboxes, etc.

Package includes: 8 Self-Adhesive strips of Asphalt Shingles per bag. Each strip measures 1 inch x 35 inches.
Typical coverage: 144 square inches when overlapping shingles.

1 Inch Scale, also referred to as 1/12 or 1:12 scale; which means 1 inch equals 1 foot.

Adhesive Asphalt Shingle Instructions

You will only need a pair of sharp scissors, and a good eye for symmetry.

Start by laying a strip across the bottom of your roof upside down, and cut off any excess. Remove the paper backing, and adhere the asphalt to your roof flush to the bottom edge, applying even pressure and pressing the material firmly into place. It can be lifted and moved several times if necessary, but will dry permanently in time, so take care in placement.

Lay the second row with the tabs facing down, and line up the top of each tab slot with the center of each shingle. This will be about half an inch up, and half an inch over horizontally. The tabs in the first row should be fully covered, leaving no roof exposed. Trim off any excess overhanging on either side of the roof.

Lay the third row to line up vertically with the first, and fourth to line up with the second, and so on, to achieve an alternating pattern, with the objective of evenly covering the tabs slots with the center of each shingle.

Optional: For a sturdier roof bond, use staples to secure the strips in place, but be sure to cover the staples with the shingles of the next row.

When nearing the roof peak, cut a strip horizontally to fit the remaining height if needed. Make sure the far side of the roof is finished the same way before continuing. Ideally, both sides of the roof have symmetrical rows at the same height, and they will reach the peak at the same time.

To cap the roof, cut your scrap pieces into squares, fold them evenly in half, and stick them overlapping each previous shingle by one quarter inch along the peak.

For a neat, pressed look to your self-adhesive shingles, either lay a board over the top and apply weight, or use a roller to press them in place as you go.

For any surface to which the adhesive does not readily stick, you can use Goop glue, which will bond easily to wood, metals and plastic surfaces.