Family Websites

Why a family of website? More opportunities to bring miniature products to you at the best possible pricing. When offering as many miniature products as we provide, it is sometimes difficult to provide the best and most flexible pricing possible under one website. Frequently, opportunities cannot be presented because of system limitations, and conflicts with existing promotional offers. Providing multiple stores allows us to act quickly with new opportinities, bringing you more products at special pricing not found elsewhere on the internet.

So, meet the family! . . .

Website Family

    DeJoux Miniatures
    Established 2002
    Our Flagship miniature website

    Deluxe Materials
    Authorized US representative for Deluxe Materials Ltd, United Kingdom.

    Dollhouse Heaven
    Established 2004
    Dollhouses & furnishings

    Miniature MarketPlace
    Established 2009
    Originally, a Miniature Mall; open for all miniature industry store participation. Later converted to retail miniature website

    CKD Ventures, LLC
    Established 2002
    Management company providing administrative and website management services to all family websites